Independent Study

Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: NINT

Course Number: 5959

After their first semester all students in good academic standing may register during pre-registration for one independent study. The student must start with a problem or specific area of interest to investigate in detail, and then design a project with the approval of an interested faculty member who serves as the course advisor. Permission of both the project course advisor and the Director is required before a student can register for independent study. NOTE: Independent study can only be registered for during pre-registration. All Students planning to register for independent study must submit an application in the form of a proposal that contains:1. the specific subject or problem to be investigated2. the proposed method for investigating the topic3. a preliminary bibliography.These materials must be submitted to and approved by the course advisor and the Program Director prior to registration. Applications must be submitted with enough time for full evaluation no later than two weeks prior to the start of the term registration period. Upon approval, the student registers following the standard procedure using the independent study course number provided by the program. Upon successful completion of the independent study project, the project supervisor assigns a letter grade.

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