Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: NINT

Course Number: 5902

Students in good standing who have completed their first semester may register for up to three (3) credits through an approved internship. To qualify for credit, a student must work a minimum of 150 hours (10 hours/week during the regular semester or 20 hours per week during the summer session). Students may undertake non-for-credit internships at any time. Students who wish to register for a credit-bearing internship should take the following steps: * First, identify the organization, secure the internship, and obtain written confirmation of the internship.* Second, choose a faculty advisor and write a proposal that includes:1. name and contact information for the organization2. name and contact information for an on-site internship supervisor3. period of internship, including number of hours4. proposed tasks the intern will undertake5. nature of a written report that the student will submit to the faculty advisor at the completion of the internship.* Third, submit the proposal to the advisor and the Program Director. Applications must be submitted with enough time for full evaluation prior to registration, no later than two weeks prior to the start of the registration period.Upon approval by the Program, the student registers following the standard procedure using the internship course number. An additional signed Internship Approval Form is required by the Registration office and is available at the GPIA office.During the internship, the student is to meet at least once with their faculty advisor to discuss progress. Upon successful completion of the internship, faculty advisors assign grades of P/pass or F/fail, based jointly on the written reports of the student and written evaluations of the student's performance made by the internship supervisor.

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