War and Society in World Politics

Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 6460

Violent conflict is a generative force in world politics. Warfare shapes, and is shaped by, the societies, cultures and polities that populate world politics. Accordingly, this course considers the co-constitutive relations between war and politics; war and society; and war and culture. It conceives the ‘international’ as a ‘thick’ space of social interaction and transnational relations, and locates violent conflict and its generative powers amid these flows. The course will consist primarily of seminar discussions of a set of book length texts to include theoretic, historical and sociological approaches to war and society. It will range from the ancient world to the contemporary moment, and will focus largely but not entirely on warfare between the ‘strong’ and the ‘weak’, or ‘small war’.

This course will be taught by Tarak Barkawi


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