Immigration Politics

Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 6473

This seminar explores the dynamics of immigration politics in the United States through new intellectual work on the senses, hence the course sub-title “sensing the political.”  Part one of the course maps demographic shifts and the political contestation such changes have engendered over the past four decades.  Part two introduces new bodies of scholarly work on the senses:  visual, olfactory, and auditory in particular all have become areas of innovative research.  Key works here include David Howes on the senses; Alain Corbin, on Odor and the French Social Imagination,  Marita Sturken on memory and Japanese Internment; Diana Harris on race and visibility; and Brandon Labelle on Acoustic Territories.  Part three of the course brings parts one and two together to see if attending to a wider body of evidence might allow us to rethink immigration politics from a new angle.  Topics covered will include borders and border walls; day laborers, race, and the 2006 May Day rallies.

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