Seminar as Moot Court

Term: Fall 2011

Subject Code: GSOC

Course Number: 5070

This course will attempt to put colonialism on trial in a Moot Court. The case will be made either prodrome or contrary that will bring into the testimonial theatre such metanarratives as; empire, neo-colonialism, re-territorization, globalization, imperialism and de-terrorization. In this discursive arena students challenge contemporary and traditional scholars who either support or disagree with these ideas. The pedagogical approach here is to have students present arguments as if legal briefs . The key to this seminar is testimony. In an attempt to understand how testimony is ritualized and codified students will take the case of Belgium in the Congo as an example of one of the darkest moments in the history of colonialism. The significance of such evidence is further featured on the engagement side of the seminar as students experience court-related practices of seeing and hearing testimony in locations such as courts, academic meetings, public hearings, political rallies and lectures.

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