Advanced Macroeconomics 2

Term: Spring 2011

Subject Code: GECO

Course Number: 6203

This course extends the study of the foundations of macroeconomic theory by providing a critical theoretical and empirical analysis of the problems of economic growth, fluctuations, and employment. We will focus on theory and empirical work of different traditions of dynamic macroeconomics. Topics covered in this course include the empirical evidence on the old and new growth theory, business cycle models in the equilibrium and disequilibrium traditions, empirical work on the Phillips curve and unemployment, labor market dynamics and inequality, asset market fluctuations and economic activity, recent theoretical and empirical work on monetary and fiscal policies, and open economy dynamics. Suggestions of other topics in macroeconomics are welcome. Students will be encouraged to develop their own research, and an emphasis will be placed on empirical work in macroeconomics.

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