Virginia Woolf and Modernity

Term: Fall 2010

Subject Code: GLIB

Course Number: 5536

This course will focus on Virginia Woolf as a major figure of modernity.   Woolf was at the center of British intellectual life and the Bloomsbury Group and revolutionized the literary forms in which she worked.  She was also fascinated by the texture of the modern experience; she wrote about the cinema and interior design, published Sigmund Freud, and appeared in Vogue.  Through close readings of her novels, short stories, book-length political writings, essays, and diary selections, and through broader theoretical discussions, we will examine the aesthetic, political, and cultural implications of Woolf’s work.  Topics will include modernism's formal innovations, depictions of consciousness, Woolf’s responses to war and fascism, and her relationship to the women’s movement and feminism. 



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