Nazi Morality:Ethics of Racism(2)

Term: Fall 2010

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 5162

While the moral perversion of the “Third Reich” is beyond question, recent scholarship has explored the Nazis’ “belief system” and its legacy. This course first examines new research on the Nazis’ concept of the “Volksgemeinschaft” (people’s community) and its political and social applications. Central to our inquiry are the consequences of this crucial element of the Nazi “Weltanschauung” in post-war Germany. We will pay special attention to how German intellectuals and politicians approached the issue of “German Guilt” after 1945, especially the popular critique of “collective guilt” (“Kollektivschuldthese”), a concept which was deceptively attributed to the Allied forces.

This course is taught by Norbert Frei, Theodor Heuss Professor

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