Psychoanal & Deconstruction 1

Term: Fall 2010

Subject Code: GPHI

Course Number: 6034

As a major force in contemporary thought, deconstruction has been strongly influenced by psychoanalysis. In turn, as part of its critique of metaphysics, deconstruction has had much to say about the uncritical presuppositions of psychoanalysis. The aim of this course is to study deconstruction and psychoanalysis from both points of view and then to envision how each theory transforms the other. After introducing the basic issues via comparative readings from Nietzsche, Freud, and Heidegger, readings focus on Derrida's deconstructive texts. Other deconstructive and psychoanalytic thinkers are studied with particular attention to the Lacan debate, psychoanalysis as science, and the rethinking of sexual differentiation.

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