Comparative Empirical Macroeconomics






Theory without empirics is empty.
Empirics without theory is blind.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)


Welcome to the Comparative Empirical Macroeconomics (CEM) website.

This is the official page of the CEM research group at New School University. Our research empirically analyzes aspects of the product, financial and labor markets in different economies, contrasting how different market economies deal with problems of modern industrial societies.

Our current research compares the advantages and disadvantages of the United States and European markets. Our research will be extended to include other countries such as Latin America, Asia, and more specifically Japan and China.

On this web-site you will find information on workshops, data bases, research tools, research projects, book manuscripts and working papers. The information we provide is oriented towards academics, students looking for research topics, journalists, practitioners and for the business and financial community who are interested in analyzing and understanding the the product, financial and labor markets of the US and Europe.

Our web-site initiates, links and advances communications between research centers on comparative empirical macroeconomics before the academic work reaches its publication stage. We will serve as a repository for promoting the unpublished research of papers by other analysts who work in this field.

Currently major research links on comparative macroeconomics are established between the U.S. and European institutions.

For more information on the motivation for CEM, please proceed to our statement of purpose.

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