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At present, canon is the only completely student-run publication at The New School for Social Research. It began as the Newsletter of the Students of the Graduate Faculty in 1988, shortly after the Student Union was formed. In 1997 during the "Mobilization," a period of institutional change at The New School, the editors of the newsletter changed the name to canon and focused its mission on providing a serious and constructive critique of the policies and actions of the university administration and the students.

The name, canon, is deliberately ironic. In the spirit of democratic participation, students are urged to rewrite the "canon" by contributing to the magazine. In the words of former editor Jonathan Stenger, "canon is whatever you want it to be. Just submit!" The more students contribute, the livelier and healthier will be the debate in the scholarly community of The New School for Social Research.

Since its inception, canon has sought to cultivate a learning community among students at The New School for Social Research. The magazine is an interdisciplinary forum for student scholarship and commentary on subjects inside and outside academia. It is proudly unfettered from any particular academic discipline and uniquely aims to represent the intellectual passions of the student body of The New School for Social Research as a whole. Following in the honored footsteps of Hannah Arendt and Reiner Schürman, canon supports the concept that our city, society, and world are a classroom and that the public realm is, indeed, a realm for the intellectual.

One of the goals of the magazine is to introduce readers and contributors to a wider social discourse beyond the arcane specialized discussions that often pass for dialogue in academia. Also, canon stresses the importance of writing clear, interesting, timely, and argumentative prose and working with one's peers to cultivate a strong piece of writing. canon also welcomes submissions of visual art, poetry, and experimental prose.

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