Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land - Lang Theater FA10
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Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, the Eugene Lang College Fall theater production, written and translated by Stan Lai (Lai Sheng-chuan), directed by Terry O'Reilly, and performed by Eugene Lang College students.

This play tells the story of two theater groups mistakenly booked into the same theater for rehearsal. One is performing Secret Love, a serious contemporary drama; the other is performing the farce In Peach Blossom Land. The two groups fight for the stage, and eventually resign to sharing it. In between, chaos ensues, and a mysterious woman roams about the theater searching for a man who may or may not exist…What happens is a meeting point of modern Chinese politics, ancient visions, tragedy, and rollicking comedy.

Photography: Andrew Smrz

 November 4-7, 2010 

The Connelly Theater
220 East 4th Street (between Ave A & B)
New York, NY

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