A Conversation with Sheela Patel and Abdha Joshi-Ghani
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Meeting Urban Development Challenges in the Global South A Conversation with Sheela Patel and Abdha Joshi-Ghani

The urban landscape of the global South is littered with lessons about what does and does not work in urban development. A consensus has emerged that systemic, integrative approaches to urban development are needed, ones that promote community participation through institutional development and the creation of spaces for dialogue between all stakeholders. Slum growth in the developing world poses a challenge that is being met with tremendous effort and innovation.

On March 22, a panel of distinguished discussants will discuss the progress that has been made and continuing obstacles to urban development of this nature. We are honored to host Sheela Patel and Abha Joshi-Ghani for this important discussion. Ms. Patel is a director of Slum Dwellers International, a transnational network of organizations in more than 30 African, Asian, and Latin American countries. Ms. Joshi-Ghani heads the Urban Development and Local Government Unit in the Finance, Economics and Urban Development Department of the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network.

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The panel will be introduced by Neil Grabois, dean of Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy and the graduate program in International Affairs. It will be moderated by Michael Cohen, director of the graduate program in International Affairs.
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