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Baby Steps: Poverty, chronic stress, and New York's youngest children

Child Welfare Watch provides in-depth investigative reporting, news and analysis on children and family services in New York and beyond. We track the real-life impact of public policy and reform initiatives on families and the people who work with them. view ARCHIVES »

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creating college ready communities

The Schools Watch Initiative focuses on improving the educational prospects of New York City students of all ages who may ultimately be at risk of dropping out. Our publications focus on successful models of collaboration among communities, families, the public schools and other institutions and support networks. VIEW ARCHIVES »

Children and Families »

The Center for New York City Affairs combines applied policy research with journalism, coalition building and public dialogue in order to improve the effectiveness of government and nonprofits in their work with families and children. Our publications and working papers explore how government policies affect people in their daily lives. view archives »

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The Race for Mayor and Comptroller: Campaign Roundtable 2009

The Center for NYC Affairs convenes constructive dialogue among urban leaders on a variety of issues affecting families, neighborhoods, and local and state government. From our publications to our frequent public forums, we bring together innovative thinkers in politics, communities, policymaking and journalism. VIEW ARCHIVES »

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Developmental Disabilites Watch reports on the barriers and opportunities for services for people with developmental disabilities in New York. VIEW ARCHIVES »