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Stronger Schools for NYC: A Conversation with Christine Quinn

1/15/13 - How can New York sustain and build on positive changes in public education while fixing what isn't working in our schools? Council Speaker Quinn discusses her views on building a 21st century school system, including innovations for educational improvement to make sure every child graduates high school ready for college and a good job. READ MORE » VIEW VIDEO »

Beyond Test Scores: Imagining New Ways to Measure NYC's High Schools

Beyond Test Scores: Imagining New Ways to Measure NYC's High Schools

6/28/12 - What matters most in high school? Graduation rates and Regents test scores? College-oriented academics - or extra-curricular activities? The Center for New York City Affairs and unveiled Inside Stats, a new high school scorecard designed to provide a well-rounded picture of NYC's high schools. READ MORE » VIEW VIDEO »



6/21/12 - The good news is, New York City has seen dramatic increases in students graduating high school and applying to college. The bad news is, most will never get a college degree. Observers say it is not enough to promote college. The Center for New York City Affairs released an analysis of NYC's school and community-based college readiness efforts. READ MORE » forum: how to apply to public elementary school forum: How to apply to public elementary school

2/7/12 - Clara Hemphill and the staff of answered questions about what to look for in an elementary school, how and when to register, programs for gifted and talented students, and more.
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High Stakes decisions: how nyc students have fared under high school choice

High School Choice

4/20/11 - NYC's system of high school choice is the largest in the nation. Today, 80 percent of participating students get one of their top five picks. But placement of the city's most vulnerable students remains controversial. We'll discuss the system with NYC Professor Sean Corcoran and others. read more » view video »

Struggling Schools, Hard Times: Teachers, communities and school improvement in a time of fiscal uncertainty

Michael Mulgrew

1/26/11 - How will educators, parents and the city respond to the state fiscal crisis? Michael Mulgrew, Juan Gonzalez, Errol Louis and Clara Hemphill discussed the future of NYC schools and school accountability. Read More » view video »

Putting Principals to the Test: Transforming NYC Schools in the Age of Data-Driven Accountabilit

Putting Principals to the Test

6/16/10 - The Bloomberg administration introduced a radical new system of school management in 2007. NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and others joined us to analyze these reforms and mark the release of our latest report. view video »

school food matters: hunger, obesity and the reauthorization of the child nutrition act

School Food Matters

3/3/10 - According to advocates, families of at least 1 in 5 New York City children still rely on soup kitchens and food pantries, despite free school breakfast and subsidized school lunches. What would it take to ensure that more children receive free—and higher quality—school food? read more » view video »

community schools: organizing community resources around student success

Community Schools: A Conversation with Arne Duncan

10/22/09 - U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has promoted community schools as a strategy for using local resources to improve student success and is encouraging states to expand their numbers. He joined us for a discussion about the future of community schools here in New York and elsewhere.
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pass or fail: what's Next for New york City's High Schools?

6/17/09 - New York City's high schools have undergone a powerful transformation during the Bloomberg years, with more than 200 new small schools and dozens of others closed or reshaped. How has all this worked out for the students at-risk of dropping out? Featuring Chancellor Joel Klein. view video »

Class struggles: strengthening schools by strengthening families

10/21/08 - NYC public schools are responsible for their students' educational progress, but what happens when problems at home prevent kids from attending school? Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott and author Richard Rothstein discuss solutions to high rates of chronic absenteeism in NYC public schools.

who rules the schools? Mayoral control after bloomberg

3/6/08 - When Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office, one of his top priorities was to repair the city's ailing public schools. What is the track record of mayoral control--and should it continue after 2009? Featuring Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. Read TRANSCRIPT » view video »

Working Toward a Common Goal: Safe, Supportive Schools for Every New York Teen

3/2/06 - Students with too few credits, who have discipline problems or who lose interest in school often drop out or are placed in alternative programs. Young people of color are disproportionately affected. How can New York help all students reach their potential?

Overhauling Sex Ed: The New Curriculum for NYC Schools

2/1/06 - New York City has begun to revamp sex education in the public schools, launching a new health curriculum as well as an HIV/AIDS education program. Are the city schools doing all they can to prepare young New Yorkers for safe sexual lives? Read More »

Early Learners: Newcomer Families and Pre-School Education in NYC

3/17/04 - Early education programs have a proven, positive impact on children's learning, yet far fewer children of immigrant parents are enrolled in preschool than those from native-born families. What will it take to make preschool more attractive to newcomer parents?

REFORMING SPECIAL EDUCATION...AGAIN: How Can We Best Serve the City's Neediest Students?

10/9/03 - After years of stormy debate about the problems of special ed, there's little agreement on solutions. Can Chancellor Klein's vision address the real and diverse issues facing children with special needs?