SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

The Chancellor's Steep Challenge: Graduating "All" Students Ready for College or Career

As the Bloomberg administration enters its final stretch, the focus at the Department of Education has shifted from graduation to college. On his first day in office in 2011, Chancellor Dennis Walcott promised that he would work to create a school system that prepared all students for college or a good career.

The challenge is steep. As the chart below illustrates, the city has made substantial gains in both the graduation rate and the number of students capable of entering the City University of New York without taking remedial courses (the city and state's de facto definition of "college readiness.") However, nearly three out of four high school students are either failing to graduate on time or lack the basic academic skills needed to hit the ground running at CUNY. The Department of Education is now measuring the quality of high schools with new post-graduation goals in mind.

The Chancellor's Steep Challenge

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