SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

NYC Families Have High College Expectations for Their Kids But May Not Have the Skills or Experience to Be Helpful

Tenth grade students report that their families have high college ambitions for them, with
64 percent of students saying that their parents expect them to get at least a bachelor's
degree. However, students say they are relying on information from their teachers and
guidance counselors, rather than their families, to help them make this leap.

Just one in five of high school students surveyed had an immediate family member who
graduated college. Students had some faith that their families would be helpful: 60
percent of 10th graders surveyed indicated that their family "knows what it takes" to go to
college. However, when asked who would be able to offer "a lot" of information about
college, students were expecting far more from their schools than their parents. More than two-thirds of students polled expected "a lot" of information from teachers or guidance counselors. Only one-third expected to get "a lot" of information from their parents.