Big Dreams for NY's Youngest Children Final Report

2014 Campaign Roundtables: Reflecting on the NYS Governor and State Senate Races

Panel on the 2014 Governor's race: The winner was never in doubt. But the seemingly comfortable victory margin belied the drama that took place along the way. This race had more surprises than anyone would have imagined.Panel on the NY State Senate Race: New York City can't do anything without permission from Albany. And the legislature can cause the city a lot of grief--as it did when it forced the city to pay the rent of charter schools, undermining mayoral control. RSVP HERE»

UPCOMING EVENT...........................TUESDAY DEC. 9, 2014

Insideschools eventCrossing Broadway: How community activists rescued their neighborhood from crime

How did New York City emerge from the crime and decay of the crack years? Historian Robert Snyder argues that community activists who crossed racial and ethnic lines played a vital role in restoring order and vitality to ravaged streets in upper Manhattan, only to see the fruits of their labors threatened by growing economic inequality. Join us for a discussion with some of these activists.REGISTER HERE»


Insideschools event


The Missing Link: What Absenteeism and Risk Load Reveal About NYC's Lowest-Income Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio will unveil 45 new community schools this month in a much-touted effor to help low-income students. But which schools need the most help? And what kind of supports will have the greatest impact? The Center will release a report exploring these questions in elementary schools. We propose a new measure of poverty, designed to identify the highest needs schools and discuss what should come next in the mayor's bid to reduce poverty's effect on studentsWATCH HERE» READ REPORT»


Insideschools eventWEDNESDAY OCT. 29, 2014

Raise the Age: Changing Youth Justice in NYC

New York is one of just two states in the country that automatically treats 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in the criminal justice system. In recent years, advocates and legislators -- including the state's chief judge -- have pushed to raise the age of criminal responsibiity to 18. Now, in the midst of a national scandal over the treatement of adolescents at the Rikers Island Jail, we convene the experts for a discussion of the movement to Raise the Age: How will the influx of adolescents impact the city's newly reformed juvenile justice programs?WATCH HERE»

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Child Welfare Watch Blog Child Welfare Watch provides in-depth investigative reporting, news and analysis on children and family services. We track the real-life impact of public policy and reform initiatives. Visit our CHILD WELFARE WATCH BLOG »

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In some Caribbean immigrant communities, particularly among Haitians, lighter-skinned people are often referred to as "stush" or "uptown," and are believed to be wealthier and more successful because of the shade of their skin. READ MORE » Blog

Insideschools.orgOur guide to pre-kindergarten: The city is greatly expanding pre-k education for 4 year olds. Insideschools has developed this guide to help you find a high-quality pre-kindergarten program for your child. READ MORE »

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The Missing Link:
What Absenteeism and Risk Load Reveal About NYC's Lowest-Income Schools »