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The War on Drugs has created a powerful surveillance state in America's most disadvantaged neighborhoods. High-tech techniques criminalize entire blocks and transform informal community networks into liabilities for local residents as police use family relationships to demand information, pursue suspects and threaten incarceration. The presumption of criminality takes a relentless toll. Join our 2014 Nathan Levin Lecturer, sociologist Alice Goffman, who spent six years studying the effects of pervasive policing. READ MORE » WATCH LIVE »


Early EdTUESDAY, JUN. 17, 2014

Big Dreams for NY's Youngest Children: The Future of Early Care & Education

With the creation of EarlyLearnNYC in 2012, New York City reinvented its system for subsidized early care and education for children from low-income families. Now, as the city launches an expanded Pre-K network for 4-year-olds, what will happen to subsidized child care for younger kids? Can the reform vision of EarlyLearn be put fully into action and sustained? A conversation with experts in the field and the release of findings from a new Center for New York City Affairs report on early care and education. READ MORE » WATCH VIDEO»


Big Dreams for NY's Youngest Children_FINALTUESDAY, JuN. 17, 2014

Big Dreams for NY's Youngest Children: The Future of Early Care & Education

Executive Summary, Findings and Recommendations. Full report to be released Summer 2014. To receive notification once the full report is available, please click here and select Child Welfare Watch. Read the Executive Summary & Findings and Recommendations & Solutions. READ MORE » DOWNLOAD PDF »


Youth JusticeWEDNESDAY, APR. 30, 2014

Youth Justice, Police and NYC's Neighborhoods

There's been a sea change in New York City juvenile justice policy and police practices over the last two years. Policymakers in the new administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio seek to drive change even further, to improve police-community relations and strengthen juvenile justice programs while also securing public safety. How does the administration intend to pursue its objectives? What do community leaders and others believe needs to change? Will young people and community residents gain a meaningful voice in both policy and practice? READ MORE » WATCH VIDEO»

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Child Welfare Watch Blog Child Welfare Watch provides in-depth investigative reporting, news and analysis on children and family services. We track the real-life impact of public policy and reform initiatives. Visit our CHILD WELFARE WATCH BLOG »

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In some Caribbean immigrant communities, particularly among Haitians, lighter-skinned people are often referred to as "stush" or "uptown," and are believed to be wealthier and more successful because of the shade of their skin. READ MORE » Blog

Insideschools.orgOur guide to pre-kindergarten: The city is greatly expanding pre-k education for 4 year olds. Insideschools has developed this guide to help you find a high-quality pre-kindergarten program for your child. READ MORE »

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YouTube Channel Our public programs offer the opportunity to meet powerful players in and around government, and to learn about the context, the influential organizations and other factors that define the policymaking landscape in NYC and urban America. Visit our PUBLIC POLICY FORUMS BLOG »


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