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There's been a sea change in New York City juvenile justice policy and police practices over the last two years. Policymakers in the new administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio seek to drive change even further, to improve police-community relations and strengthen juvenile justice programs while also securing public safety. How does the administration intend to pursue its objectives? What do community leaders and others believe needs to change? Will young people and community residents gain a meaningful voice in both policy and practice? READ MORE » RSVP »


Grassroots PoliticsWEDNESDAY, MAR. 5, 2014

Grassroots politics, from Brooklyn to the White House?

The same type of grassroots politics that gave Mayor de Blasio his start and propelled him to the mayoralty helped turn a little-known, freshman senator from Chicago's South Side into the President of the United States. Learn how from Mitch Stewart, who, as Obama's 2008 Iowa caucus director and 2012 battleground states director, helped oversee the campaign's field operations in its most critical contests. READ MORE » WATCH VIDEO»


fafsA HOW TO GUIDE COVERThursday, JAN. 16, 2014

Need Help Filling Out the FAFSA? Updated Guide for Students and the Adults Who Help Them

Filling out the FAFSA form is the first step for most students seeking financial support to go to college. But the form can be complicated and intimidating. To help, the Center has released a second edition of its popular "FAFSA: How-To Guide." It is easy to read and answers common questions of students and families. And new this year: How to compare financial aid packages. READ MORE » DOWNLOAD PDF » WATCH VIDEO »


City and the StateTUESDAY, FEB. 25, 2014

The City and the State: Conflict or Collaboration?

Is tension inevitable between Albany and NYC? Or is it just that there's a new mayoral administration and an election-year governor, and press and politicos shining the spotlight in search of every conflict? As Mayor de Blasio seeks to fulfill campaign promises and pursue the agenda that got him elected, a popular Governor Cuomo has his own program to fulfill. Will the city and state collaborate? Or will diverging fiscal and political priorities cause more conflict, more publicly than in the past? READ MORE » WATCH VIDEO»

Child Welfare Watch Blog

Child Welfare Watch Blog Child Welfare Watch provides in-depth investigative reporting, news and analysis on children and family services. We track the real-life impact of public policy and reform initiatives. Visit our CHILD WELFARE WATCH BLOG »

Feet in Two Worlds

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In some Caribbean immigrant communities, particularly among Haitians, lighter-skinned people are often referred to as "stush" or "uptown," and are believed to be wealthier and more successful because of the shade of their skin. READ MORE » Blog

Insideschools.orgHow to handle high school letter day March 10: Sometime during the week of March 10 8th-graders will get a letter telling them where they have been accepted to high school. READ MORE »

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YouTube Channel Our public programs offer the opportunity to meet powerful players in and around government, and to learn about the context, the influential organizations and other factors that define the policymaking landscape in NYC and urban America. Visit our PUBLIC POLICY FORUMS BLOG »


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