Why Transfer?

Mannes College The New School for Music can be the ideal place to transfer for the right student and they can complete their musical training at the highest level. New York City and The New School are a natural destination if you are a young musician looking for an environment where world-class training meets unparalleled opportunities. Whether you are attending a community college and looking for a place to complete a bachelor's degree or attending a four-year college and looking for a change of scenery or you left college without graduating and are looking for a place to finish your degree, Mannes could be your destination. Here is some valuable information about preparing to transfer and applying as a transfer student.

Application Requirements for Transfer Students

If you have earned any college credits at another institution, you are considered a transfer applicant. In addition to the normal admission requirements, you must also submit official transcripts from every college or university attended.

If you attended a college or university outside the United States, you must provide a course-by-course evaluation of foreign transcripts by the World Educational Services or another approved evaluation service. See the international students page for more information.

All transfer applicants who have not received a four-year (bachelor's or equivalent) college degree must also send an official high school transcript. (If you have completed a bachelor's degree already, do not provide a high school transcript.)

Follow all other general admission instructions.

You cannot apply as a transfer applicant if you have completed a bachelor's degree in any subject major.

Information about Transferring Credits from Another College

Once accepted, transfer students may receive credit toward the Mannes degree pending results of  your transcript evaluation. An expected graduation date will be listed in your acceptance letter and is based on your audition and placement exam results. It is not based on the number of credits completed at another institution. 

The New School accepts credit from regionally accredited institutions. Credits are accepted under the following conditions: the courses are in the liberal arts or in other subjects comparable to those offered at The New School and the student received a grade of C (B- not C) or better. Mannes does not accept transfer credits for applied music courses from another school; however, credits for these courses are granted on the basis of entrance tests.   Coursework from non-regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; students may be asked to provide course syllabi, portfolios, and other pertinent documentation. Students with more specific questions about transfer credits should contact the assistant dean.

If your previous institution is not accredited by a recognized regional association of colleges and universities, or if you otherwise have questions about transferability of your prior credits, email mannesadmissions@newschool.edu. Please be specific about your concerns and we will do our best to address them.

Transfer credits from other graduate programs are not allowed, except for Introduction to Graduate Studies (a course in resource materials and research methods for MM students).

The New School does not transfer grades or grade points from other schools. Only credits are transferred. 

Credits by Exam

Undergraduate students take a battery of placement tests before beginning their studies and a significant percentage of them are exempt from one or more courses as a result of these tests. Mannes issues credits by exam to entering undergraduate students and lists exempted courses and credits granted on their transcript.

Transfer Credit Policy

A maximum of 64 credits can be transferred.

Credit transfers must be completed during the student's first semester at The New School.

All transfer students, regardless of expected transfer credits must take placement examinations before they register for the first time at The New School. Students who place into advanced levels of applied music courses on the basis of the placement tests will receive credits for courses from which they have been exempted. 

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