Is Mannes for You?

Mannes is a highly selective conservatory of classical music. Students at Mannes aim to become professional performers, composers, conductors, and coaches.

What type of students attend Mannes?

You may be curious about what type of students attend Mannes, what their musical activities where before enrolling, and what their life is like. After surveying a students enrolled in our bachelor of music program, we put together some statistics for your information. See Typical Student Profile for a glimpse!

Practice Techniques of Music Test

The core of Mannes' curriculum is performance. Bachelor of music students are also red to study humanities as well as a rigorous course in the Techniques of Music.

Mannes' world-renowned Techniques of Music curriculum encompasses music theory and analysis, ear training, dictation, and piano skills. When applicants audition at Mannes, the faculty and Admissions Committee evaluate each person's talents and skills through a series of tests and interviews.

Applicants may gain insight into what they will encounter during the Techniques of Music evaluation process by completing the online multiple-choice self-test. We recommend that you take notes and bring any questions you may have to your music teacher for assistance.

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