Staff Directory

  • To reach a staff member at Mannes, call 212.580.0210 and dial the appropriate extension:

    Office of the Dean
    Main Number x4801
    Executive Dean for Performing Arts and Dean of Mannes School of Music Richard Kessler x4848
    Chief of Staff and Director of Special Projects, College of Performing Arts                                  
    Matthew Sullivan
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs William Gustafson x4837
    Vice Dean for Finance and Administration, College of Performing Arts
    Valerie Feuer x4880
    Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, College of Performing Arts
    Maggie Koozer
    Academic and Career Advisor Joshua Gleich x4903


    College Division Office of Admission
    Main Number x4862
    Interim Director of Admission Kevin James Smith 212.229.5155 x4580
    Assistant Director of Admission Laura Conyers 212.229.5600 x3007
    Admission Coordinator   x4806


    Coordinators and Department Chairs
    Director of Vocal Studies Frank Nemhauser
    Composition Coordinator Lowell Liebermann  
    Piano Department Coordinator Pavlina Dokovska
    String Department Coordinators Jeffrey Zeigler and Daniel Panner 
    Voice Department Coordinator Beth Roberts
    Woodwind Department Coordinator Judith Mendenhall
    Brass Department Coordinator Weston Sprott


    Director of Orchestral Studies
    David Hayes  
    Large Ensemble Personnel Manager
    Chris Gulhaugen x4839
    Performance and Ensemble Manager Annabelle Avenier Ramirez x4807


    Opera Department
    Main Number x4870
    Artistic Director Joseph Colaneri  
    Program Administrator
    Mary-Hollis Hundley


    The Alexis Gregory Library for the Performing Arts
    Director/University Librarian Ed Scarcelle x3150
    Assistant Director Greg Sigman x4827
    Circulation Supervisor Gregory Briggler x4803
    Assistant Director of Public Services Andy Toulas x4828


    Office of Development
    Development Director Micaela Melley 212.229.5662 x2208
    Development Coordinator Sarah Dowling 212.229.5662 x3194


    Teaching and Learning
    Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, College of Performing Arts
    Maggie Koozer
     Manager of Academic Affairs, College of Performing ArtsRobyn Martinez
     Manager of Academic Affairs, College of Performing Arts
    Anna Leuchtenberger


    Mannes Prep
    Assistant Dean for Mannes Prep and Pre-College Programs Katherine White x4804
    Senior Office Assistant Jon Herbert x4841


    Student Financial Services
    Main Office 212.229.5150


    Concert Office
    Main Number x4817
    Director of Concert Operations Erik Bestmann x4815

    Schneider Concerts and New York String Orchestra Seminar
    Main Number x
    Director of New School Concerts Rohana Elias-Reyes 212.229.5873 x3414

    International Student and Scholar Services
    Main Office   212.229.5592


    Business Office
    Business Office Manager Michael Seabrook x4810
    Technical Assistance
    Technical Manager, College of Performing Arts Ryan Anselmi 212.229.5896 x4574
    Piano Maintenance Department
    Piano Technician Louis Tasciotti x2017

    Room Scheduling
    Main Number