Mannes on the Move

  • It’s an exciting time at Mannes. We have moved downtown into a space in Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th Street) that has been designed especially for musicians. In their new home, Mannes students can expect the same intimate environment and exceptional education they currently enjoy, and they will also have the following benefits:

    • Brand-new facilities: Students will learn in custom-built, state-of-the-art classrooms and performance and practice spaces.
    • Enhanced opportunities for collaboration: This move puts Mannes students into close proximity to other New School divisions. This means more collaboration than ever between our students. Events like Il Postino, which resulted from a partnership with students and faculty from Parsons and Mannes, will take place more and more often.
    • Greenwich Village: This downtown location is one of the most artistic, vibrant places to study. We encourage our students to explore and take advantage of everything this creative, inspiring neighborhood has to offer.

    In addition, The New School’s neighbors in the Village will now have access to free and affordable performances and world-class classical music preparatory training.

    Stay tuned for more information about the move, and be sure to join us for one of our concerts or other public programs offered at Mannes.

    Mannes Move FAQ

    After 30 wonderful years on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we are joining our New School colleagues in Greenwich Village. This is an exciting change for Mannes, and we understand that there are many questions about Mannes’ move and our new home in Arnhold Hall at 55 W. 13th St. Below are questions that have been raised thus far. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email

  • When will the 85th street location no longer be available for student use?

    Beginning August 10th, the W. 85th St location will only be available to people who are actively involved in the move to 55 W. 13th St.

    Where is the new building?

    Our new home on 55 W. 13th St. (Arnhold Hall), located between 5th and 6th Ave. is actually not a new building. The space is currently home to the School of Jazz, but it has been renovated and redesigned to house Mannes and feature all the resources and technology necessitated by our status as one of the world’s leading conservatories.

    Where are the closest public transit options?

    Arnhold Hall is easily accessible via the 14th St. stops on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, F, M, and PATH trains, as well as the 6th Ave. stop on the L train.

    Will phone numbers remain the same?

    All Mannes phone extensions will remain the same, with the exception of phone numbers from Goldmark Practice Center.

    Will there be signs on each floor that show how to find the rooms?

    Each floor will have a complete map showing the locations of all rooms on that floor. In addition, all rooms will be clearly labelled.

    Will there be tours available of the new space prior to the start of classes?

    Student liaisons will give tours of the new spaces for returning students and faculty beginning August 19th. More information, including tour schedules, will be made available later in the summer. (Prospective and new students should contact Admissions for information about touring Mannes’ new spaces.)

    When will college and NEXT students be able to use the new spaces at Arnhold Hall?

    During the week of August 10, students will not have access to 150 West 85th Street, or the new spaces at Arnhold Hall, due to the move. Mannes students may find a room on the Jazz floors (floors 5 and 6). These rooms are closed that week starting at 5pm. Practice rooms on floors 3, 4, and 7 will not be open before August 17th.

    Where will student and faculty recitals and concerts be held?

    There will be a variety of newly renovated and redesigned spaces that will host our concert load throughout the year. Some of these spaces include Tishman Auditorium at the University Center on 5th Ave. and E. 13th St., The Auditorium at 66 W. 12th St., as well as a recital hall on the 7th floor of the 55 W. 13th St. location. Two more performance spaces at 55 W. 13th will open in October: the 4th floor Concert Hall and the Glass Box Theatre on the 1st floor. These spaces allow for an expanded range of performances and presentation styles. Student solo recitals will be held in 55 West 13th Street in the 4th floor and 7th floor performing spaces.

    Will there be more practice rooms?

    A newly designed “Practice Village” will reside on the Mezzanine at 55 W. 13th St. In addition, there will be practice spaces on floors three through seven, which will be shared with the School of Jazz.

    How can I get my private teaching rooms for next fall?

    As in previous years, college and NEXT faculty should email private teaching reservation requests to before the start of the semester. We will collect the requests during the summer and make assignments shortly before the fall semester begins. Prep teaching room assignments will continue to be booked directly by the Prep office.

    Will there be faculty workspaces?

    Please visit the faculty resource page for information about faculty lounge space on the 7th floor of the University Center, as well as the reservable faculty and library collaboration rooms.

    Will the Scherman Music Library remain autonomous from the other New School libraries?

    While the Scherman Music Library has been an integral branch of the New School library for many years, it will retain the same amount of autonomy that we currently enjoy. However, we are adding a dedicated professional librarian responsible for instruction and collection development to the current student circulation staff. Also, the library will develop a closer relationship with the School of Jazz, as well as other New School students and staff.

    Where will the music library be located at the new location?

    The circulation desk, reserve items, reference items, and scores will be housed on the second floor of Arnhold Hall. Books will be shelved on the ninth floor.

    When will the library at 85th Street close/ when will it reopen downtown?

    Scherman Library will maintain its normal summer schedule  at W. 85th St. until August 3rd. We should reopen in Arnhold within two weeks of closing uptown. Stay tuned for updates about the re-opening of the library.

    Is there a deadline for returning books/music/scores before the move?

    No early returns are required. In the event that an item’s due date falls on a day when we are not open because of the move, items may be returned to one of the other New School libraries . In addition, most items may be renewed online.

    Will the library still have computers/printers/copiers?

    The library will have one copier, and two computers for use in searching the catalog. Computers for other uses, along with black & white printers, color printers, and oversize printers, are located on the 8th floor of Arnhold Hall.

    Is there parking nearby?

    There are three parking garages in close proximity to Arnhold Hall, as well as street parking on 13th and the surrounding streets.

    Will I need an ID card to get in the building?

    All Mannes students, including Prep students, are required to have a New School ID card to enter the building. Arnhold Hall has a turnstile entrance that requires swiping a valid ID card for entry. Current degree students, faculty, and staff can find information about New School ID cards on the Newcard website. More information will be provided to Prep and Continuing Education students about how to acquire an ID card for entry before the start of the fall semester.