Areas of Study

Music Majors

At Mannes The New School for Music, students and teachers are passionate about playing their instruments, training their voices, and learning the theory behind the notes, melodies, and rhythms. The in-depth training at Mannes enables students to turn exquisite sounds into different kinds of musical compositions.

In addition to being teachers, Mannes’ expert faculty members are professional musicians who play in world-class orchestras, leading chamber ensembles, and other prestigious groups. Because many of these groups perform in New York City—one of the greatest cultural capitals in the world— students are able to see and hear their teachers play, sing, or conduct. While students absorb the incomparably rich cultural experiences available in New York City, they also benefit from the small, warm community of approximately 300 students at Mannes, which provides the perfect counterbalance to the large, bustling city.

The unique curriculum and professional, dedicated faculty at Mannes nurture development of the complete musician, providing each student with an invaluable edge in the professional world.

Every Mannes student benefits from:

  • A faculty representing some of the best teachers and performers in the world
  • A student-centered curriculum
  • Private instruction, which is fully integrated into each course of study
  • A student to faculty ratio of 2:1; average class sizes of five; and personal attention from teachers
  • Classes and lessons that are taught by expert faculty, not graduate students or teaching assistants
  • A multitude of performance opportunities in high profile venues throughout New York City
  • The Office of Mannes Community Services, which helps students identify professional performance opportunities
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