Mannes NEXT

  • Mannes Next

    Mannes NEXT welcomes all who wish to pursue music for their own self-improvement and enjoyment—from adult beginners seeking a musical outlet to working professionals seeking to refine their musical skills or develop new ones.

    Continuing Education

    We offer continuing education courses in instrumental and vocal performance, composition, theory, music history, early music, opera, music technology, and career development.

    Encore Program

    A flexible course of study in which adults learn and perform music. Each semester, participants in the Encore Program take part in three program components: priv ate lessons, ensemble participation, and an elective course, choosing from a vibrant set of options in each category.

    ESL + Music Certificate

    This program is designed for international students interested in improving their skills in English while studying music. The ESL + Music Certificate is ideal for students planning to enroll in a music degree program with an English language proficiency requirement.

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