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Leo Edwards
BS, Mannes College of Music. MA, Brooklyn College. Studies at the College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati. Composition studies with Scott Huston, Norman Dello Joio, and Robert Starer. Theory and analysis studies with Carl Schachter, Felix Salzer, and William Mitchell.
Composition; Techniques of Music

Compositions performed in cities in the United States and the Far East. Recipient of Joseph Dillon Memorial Award in Pedagogy. Teaching fellow, Brooklyn College, 1966-68. Citation from Music Teachers' National Association, 1975. Grant from National Endowment for the Arts, 1976. Chairman of Theory, Bella Shumiatcher School of Music, Larchmont, New York, 1965-76. Director of Mannes Extension Division, 1976-80. Techniques of Music faculty, Mannes College The New School for Music.

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