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Wayne Alpern
B.A. Oberlin College, magna cum laude, Phil Bet Kappa, M.M. University of Michigan, J.D. Yale Law School, Ph.D. City University of New York.
Techniques of Music (20th Century Theory)

Theory and Analysis with Carl Schachter, Joseph Straus, Charles Burkhart, and David Gagne. Composition with Thea Musgrave, Ross Lee Finney, and John Mehegan. Musicology with Richard Kramer, Leo Treitler, and Ian Bent. Compositions performed by Detroit Symphony players, Peter Basquin, Igor Begelman, and Modigliani Quartet. Published in Theory and Practice, Music Theory Online, and Cardoso Law Review. Presentations at International Schenker Symposium, Society for Music Theory, and American Musicological Society. Emerging Scholar Award and Board of Directors, Music Theory Society of New York State. Legal Advisor, Society for Music Theory. President, Henri Elkan Music Publishing Company. Founder and Director, Mannes College for Advanced Studies in Music Theory. Theory Faculty, Hunter College (1995-97), Brooklyn Conservatory (1996-99), Adjunct Faculty, Cardozo Law School, Techniques of Music Faculty, Mannes College of Music since 1999.

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