• Mannes NEXT Policies

  • Placement

    Students enrolling at Mannes for the first time who are interested in piano, theory, ear training, and other subjects requiring placement should call before registering. Placement exams in these areas are given before the beginning of classes each semester at no additional cost, and prospective students are urged to attend. Contact the Mannes NEXT Office for testing dates and information.

    Withdrawals and Refunds

    Withdrawals from classes can be made only with the permission of the director. Students are liable for academic requirements and tuition payments for the classes in question until an official withdrawal slip has been filed with the registrar and the bursar.

    Nonattendance and nonpayment of tuition fees do not constitute withdrawal.

    All requests for withdrawal must be made to the Mannes NEXT Office; an informal notification of intention to withdraw made to the classroom teacher does not constitute withdrawal. The last day for official withdrawal is listed in the calendar; no exceptions will be made. Full tuition will be refunded for withdrawals made before the first day of the semester.

    University Refund Schedule

    Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not entitled to refunds.

    When Course Is DroppedPercentage Refunded
    Before semester begins100%
    Through 1st week of semester90%
    Through 2nd week of semester80%
    Through 3rd week of semester70%
    Through 4th week of semester60%
    After 4th week of semesterNo refund


    The college reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not live up to its standards. Dismissal is regarded as final.

    Building Regulations

    It is expected that general students will be in the Mannes building to attend their classes and to prepare for classes as needed. Additional time for preparation is not to exceed three hours a week per credit-hour. The administration reserves the right to immediately limit or deny building access and to limit or deny future registration to students who grossly violate this rule.


    Unless otherwise indicated, classes run for one semester of 15 weeks. All classes are assigned a credit value. In general, classes meeting one hour a week carry one credit per semester, and courses meeting two hours a week carry two credits per semester.

    Course Cancellation Policy

    The college reserves the right to cancel any course because of insufficient enrollment. Under such circumstances, full refunds will be made to students. The division will make every effort to assist students whose classes were closed out and who wish to make alternative arrangements. In some instances, such arrangements may necessitate tuition adjustments.