The Mannes Extension Division offers an alternative conservatory experience.

  • If your performance skills need polishing . . .
  • If your music-theory skills need some help . . .
  • If you'd like to improve your ESL scores while studying in a conservatory . . .

. . . the Mannes Extension Division Diploma (EDPL) Program can help. As in the College Division at Mannes, the EDPL student takes private lessons and ensemble work and studies music theory and history at the college level in an intensive and systematic fashion.

But the EDPL also provides maximum flexibility both in scheduling and in arranging the curriculum to mesh with the applicants' musical backgrounds, needs, varying levels of ability, and outside business or professional activities. Admission to the EDPL is inclusive, designed to help you move forward as a musician from where you are now.

  • Students may complete the entire EDPL curriculum in three years of full-time study, or over a longer period of part-time study.
  • Students may enroll full-time in the EDPL program for 1 or 2 semesters to strengthen their performance skills (through private lessons with Mannes faculty as well as ensemble work) and/or their knowledge of music theory and history in order to be better prepared for applications to undergraduate or graduate conservatory degree programs.
  • All full-time EDPL students (those taking 12 or more credits per semester) are eligible to apply for FAFSA student assistance and for housing in university dormitories.
  • International full-time students are eligible for a visa.
  • International students who wish to improve their English can take non-credit ESL courses along with their music curriculum.
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