• Summer Intensive Studies, Paris

  • We're excited to announce a June session for college and adult students at Parsons Paris.

    College And Adult Level Course Offerings

    Ideas for the Future: A Critical Design Studio

    PNPA 2101

    Faculty: Cathleen O'Rourke

    In this multidisciplinary critical studio, students will be imagining and imaging new objects, experiences, services, systems and environments for the future. The class begins by identifying aspects and elements of the everyday that could be modified for the better. Students then form questions that address these issues and develop visual, material or ideological propositions that serve as potential responses to those questions. Students will use a variety of practice-based research techniques, trends analysis, prototyping techniques and media to simulate future scenarios for individuals and communities to come. In so doing, students engage as both generator and curator of ideas for the future. This course is open to advanced undergraduate students with experience in research methods. (3 credits) 

    Anatomies of Sacred Space: Sites of Worship, Remembrance and Collective Atonement

    PNPA 2102 

    Faculty: Gabriel Wick

    This field study course will examine the meanings, structure and usage of a diverse selection of consecrated sites. Students will draw on methods from disciplines such as social geography, the anthropology of religion and the study of the built environment to describe and decode the universal traits of these deeply freighted and richly layered spaces. Spending as much time as possible in the field, observing and experiencing sites and interacting with communities in Paris and the Île de France region, students will examine and compare the visual and haptic cues that are used to set such spaces outside of our everyday experience and inspire a sense of awe, reverence, and reflection. On-site sketching, mapping and diagramming will be used to record and describe the daily use of these spaces as well as our own visceral experiences of them. In the studio/seminar we will reflect and develop our field notes and sketches into both individual and collective presentation pieces through a variety of media and methods. (3 credits)

    Urban Exploration: Wandering, Exploring, Map Making

    PNPA 2103

    Faculty: Anne Attali

    The purpose of this course is to approach the city with new perspectives and thus develop more intimate connections with it. It exploits the city as a laboratory, a reservoir of images, sensations and thoughts. Walking is used as the main thread, as an instrument of urban investigation. Through a series of walks, students are introduced to distinct territories within Paris, but also to the practice of observing and questioning the city. Wandering all over Paris gives us the opportunity to take up along the way a wide range of subjects, from architecture and history to all kinds of topics regarding social, economic, political or cultural issues, thus linking the past with the present. Towards the end of the course, students, in groups, will be designing a walk themselves, and taking the whole class on a guided tour along their itinerary. Films, visits to museums or shows in relation with the class may also be scheduled as a complement. (3 credits) 

    The Fabric of Paris Through Textiles

    PNPA 2103

    Faculty: Brankica Chauvain

    This course revolves around the city of Paris as its main inspiration. Through researching, tracing, revealing and recording, students will be encouraged to explore different techniques such as hand drawing, hand printing, embroidery and other mixed media technique on fabric. They will be able to express their personal vision of Paris through two final projects that will utilize the senses to invite the viewer to interact. Paris will serve as students' primary source of inspiration as they develop ideas for their first project. By working on canvas, they will transpose their graphic terminology into textile vocabulary while developing their own expression of the fabric of Paris through textiles. To support their journey, they will use the creative language of threads, experiment with various materials and techniques such as a traditional and contemporary hand or machine stitch as well as textural surface studies. Building on their first project, they will end the course with a second project that incorporates space, body and materials and transfers their skills to a form. (3 credits) 

    Program Details

    • Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break.
    • Out-of-class work is assigned daily; students should be prepared to complete up to two hours of homework each night.
    • Attendance is mandatory; students who miss more than two classes will not pass the course or earn college credit (subject to faculty and administrative review).
    • Students who do not meet course expectations may be asked to leave the program.

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