• Campaign Management Boot Camp  

  • Everything you need to know to run a successful campaign.


    Jeffrey Smith

    Course Description

    Thinking about running for political office or working on a campaign? This workshop covers all aspects of political campaigning in four intensive sessions. Drawing on readings, case studies, and the instructor's extensive campaign experience, the course is a practical blueprint for anyone seeking office, managing a campaign, or otherwise hoping to influence an election.

    Session 1: The boot camp begins with the most important questions: What should inform a decision to run for office or to work for a candidate? What factors determine whether a candidate can win a race—and what office to seek? These important questions are often the hardest to answer.

    Session 2: How do you set up a campaign structure and formulate a general strategy? How do you design a fundraising plan, set fundraising targets, and go about asking for money?

    Session 3: What makes for an effective campaign plan? Topics covered include campaign scheduling, candidate advance, opposition research, press relations, earned media strategies, polling, message development, data analytics, voter targeting, and designing a field plan and a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drive.

    Session 4: What is the key to producing hard-hitting television, Internet, and direct mail advertising? How can campaigns best use new media strategies to complement traditional campaigning?

    Sessions bring together information from assigned readings with lectures by the instructor and guest practitioners.