Welcome to the New School CMS Login page. Please enter in your login and password that was issued to you by your contact in CEA. If you have forgotten your password, please contact batec@newschool.edu and you will be issued a new one.  Online Media does not maintain CMS passwords.

An Important Note About Show/Hides

With the ongoing site improvements a new show/hide interface has been developed. It is gradually replacing the old version as content gets updated.
There are two important differences for CMS editors:

  1. To edit the content of these new show/hides you must navigate to them via the workarea folder structure.
  2. The new version has replaced hard coding with a smart form, much like ones you've already used.

If you have any questions, contact the Online Strategies producer assigned to your site.

CMS and DMS Instructions and Best Practices

For up-to-date instructions on how to create and edit content in the CMS, download the latest version of the CMS Overview. For a one-page "cheat sheet" of best practices, download the CMS Best Practices. If you have any comments or suggestions about these instructions, please feel free to contact boskovih@newschool.edu.

Cropped PDF Icon CMS Overview

Cropped PDF Icon CMS Best Practices

Using the DMS

Please use the Document Management System (DMS) as a means of managing downloadable assets (PDFs). The DMS treats PDFs as content blocks are treated, which means it employs version control to house multiple iterations of a particular document in one DMS file. In most cases you will just be overwriting an existing document with a new version.

If you need to upload a entirely new document. there is an additional step. In those cases, you should contact your site's producer so that he or she can assign the new document a unique alias and do the first upload for you.

To make the DMS function as well as possible, use best practices for DMS naming conventions, as follows:

  1. First, give your PDF a title which accurately reflects its content. It should be unambiguous because the CMS uses this title in the code to make the site accessible to text readers for the visually impaired. It will also make it easier for you to locate in the future.
  2. Whenever possible, do not use dates in titles or file names. Only if your document absolutely must be specific to a semester in a particular year should its title start with the semester to which it relates followed by the year, e.g., Fall 2013. Otherwise do not put the date in either the title or file name, only use the semester—e.g., Fall.
  3. Next, include in your title what the document contains, e.g., Course Guide.
  4. In this case, your title would be Fall Course Guide.
  5. Prior to uploading, make sure the name of your file is similar to its CMS title. It should be all lower case with hyphens between words e.g., fall-course-guide.pdf. If needed, rename the file before uploading it from your computer.
  6. Now you may upload your DMS file to the "documents" folder associated with your website section. If you are updating an existing document simply overwrite the old one. Only create a new DMS file if there is no prior version of it in the CMS.

Following these naming conventions will ensure that you can find your content more easily, because it will be grouped by consistent identifiers. Ensuring the file name is similar to the document title improves search engine optimization and lets a user know what the file contains once it has been downloaded.

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