Meet the Tutors

Bert Azizoglu (Math/Economics)

Favorite NYC Subway Line: L
Favorite Borough: Brooklyn
Favorite Cheap Eat: Punjabi Grocery & Deli
Favorite Blog: Research Institute on Turkey (in Turkish) -

Alex Bennett (ESL Specialist)

Specialty Areas: Creative writing, critical writing, literature, ESL
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Blog:  The Best American Poetry Blog
Favorite Dessert: coffee ice cream 
Favorite Cheap Eat: Crif Dogs

Carolyn Colsant (Graduate Writing)

Specialty Area(s): Graduate Writing
Favorite NYC Subway Line: The L train, because it connects to almost every other train line in the city
Favorite Magazine(s): The Believer (McSweeney's)
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: My artwork 
Favorite Book(s): In Search of Lost Time 

Jessica Coyle (ESL Specialist)

Favorite TV Show(s): Adventure Time
Favorite Cheap Eat: Two Broz
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Improv
Favorite Blog: Buzzfeed
Favorite Book(s): Kavalier and Clay

Cynthia Elmas (ESL Specialist)

Favorite Movies: North by Northwest
Favorite Cheap Eat: Villa Brazil Cafe, Astoria
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: ballet

Anna Fridlis (ESL Specialist)

Favorite Borough: Queens
Favorite TV Show(s): Frazier
Favorite Cheap Eat: Falafel

J.C. Gonzalez (General Writing)

Favorite Subway Line: the A train
Favorite Movie: Paths of Glory
Favorite Dessert(s): tarte tatin, donuts, and pistachio ice cream 

Grady Granros (ESL Specialist)

Specialty Area(s): ESL, Writing, Literature, Film
Favorite Movie(s): The Rules of the Game, La Dolce Vita, The Exterminating Angel
Favorite Cheap Eat: Xi'an Famous Noodles
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Traveling

Amelia Kahaney (ESL Specialist)

Favorite NYC Subway Line: Q Train
Favorite TV Show(s): Broad City, Girls, Breaking Bad 
Favorite Cheap Eat: Chinese food in Flushing, Queens
Favorite Blog: Apartment Therapy

Michael Keenan (ESL Specialist)

Favorite Movie(s): Cinema Paradiso
Favorite TV Show(s): Fringe
Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake
Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Talking with Ian Levy

Anna Matthiesen (General Writing)

Favorite NYC Subway Line: M
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: swimming
Favorite dessert: creme brulee

Jake Nacheman (ESL Specialist)

Favorite NYC Subway Line: N/Q/R
Favorite Cheap Eat: Jo Junior's on 3rd and 16th
Favorite Magazine(s): Wired
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream

Ben Norris (General Writing)

Specialty Area(s): Philosophy (Modern, German Idealism, Psychoanalysis, Post War French Continental, Speculative Realism), Design Theory, Visual Culture    
Favorite NYC Subway Line: Z Train
Favorite Movie(s): Sunshine, Children of Men, I Heart Huckabees, I Saw the Devil  
Favorite TV Show(s): Hannibal, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Real World, The Shahs of Sunset
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Basketball

Andrew Osborne (General Writing)

Specialty Area(s): Writing, English, Philosophy
Favorite Movie(s): Vertigo, Annie Hall, Trois Couleurs Trilogy 
Favorite TV Show(s): Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers, Breaking Bad, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Nap, Coffee, Walk in the park

Holly Rice (General Writing)

Specialty Areas: English Literature, Philosophy, & Creative Writing
Favorite NYC Subway Line: L train
Favorite Borough: Brooklyn
Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Pumpkin-Chai Cronuts 

Nancy Roach (General Writing)

Favorite Subway Line: Any line where the conductor feels compelled to turn off the automated announcement system and add their own, idiosyncratic voice to my day
Favorite Magazines: Should be the New Yorker, National Geographic and Discover (because those are the ones I pay to subscribe to) but is really People or In Touch or Us because if I'm reading one of them it means I'm on a plane flying somewhere.
Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Seeing my kids when they come home from school

Darcy Rothbard (General Writing)

Specialty Areas: creative writing, personal essays, literary criticism, East Asian studies, outlining, introductions, forming a thesis
Favorite Book: Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Robot
Favorite Movie: The Shining

Gregor Sokol (Graduate Writing)

Favorite NYC Subway Line: A/C (especially on a sweltering summer's day!)
Favorite Borough: Brooklyn
Favorite TV Show(s): Possibly the first season or two of House of Cards
Favorite Cheap Eat: Dumplings in Chinatown
Favorite Book(s): Recently - My Struggle by Knausgaard

Victoria Somogyi (ESL Specialist)

Favorite TV Show(s): Spiral (Engrenages), The Wire, Rectify, Wallander (the one with Krister Henricksson)
Favorite Cheap Eat: Domo Taco Truck
Favorite Dessert: Dobos torte
Favorite Video Game(s): Clash of Clans, Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims, World of Warcraft

Chelsea Wilson (ESL Specialist)

Specialty Area(s): Urban Policy Analysis and Management 
Favorite Movie(s): Love and Basketball
Favorite Cheap Eat: Pizza and Rice balls
Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Running
Favorite Book(s): White Teeth by Zadie Smith 

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