Math Support

Students can receive help with the following math subjects: calculus, economics, math merchandising, quantitative reasoning, SPSS and statistics. If you need help with another subject, contact and we will try to accommodate you.

Scheduling Appointments

To book an appointment, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Log in to Starfish CONNECT™.

Step 2: Click "Services" at the top of the screen.

Step 3: You will see a list titled Academic Resources; choose Learning Center-Math.

Step 4: To schedule an appointment, use the "Schedule Online" link that appears next to the description of the service. If you wish to work with a specific tutor, choose the "Schedule Online" button next to his or her name. 

Step 5: Choose the day and time that work best for you, then click "Sign Up." You must click "Submit" to complete your reservation. You will immediately receive a confirmation email from Starfish; if you do not receive one, the appointment was not booked.

Please make only one appointment on the scheduler at a time. Once your session ends, you can then schedule another appointment. This policy is in place to ensure that all New School students have equal opportunity to book appointments with us.

To make an appointment at a time not shown on the scheduler, contact or call 212.229.5121.

Policies and Procedures 

The Math Support Program (PDF) is modeled after the Learning Center, so most of the policies are the same.

  • Students using math support must be enrolled as full-time students in a degree-granting program. 
  • Excluding weekly appointments, students can have only one appointment on the scheduler at a time. 
  • Weekly or biweekly appointments can be arranged.
  • If a student does not cancel his or her appointment at least three hours in advance or is more that ten minutes late, he or she will receive a "no-show" notification. Students who have more than two no-shows in a semester will be restricted to walk-in appointments. 
  • The Learning Center does not have textbooks or calculators. Please bring all necessary items to the tutoring session.
  • Tutors encourage students to submit input in advance on the subject(s) to be addressed in the session; when you make your appointment, you will find space to include such details.
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