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The University Learning Center (ULC) can send a representative to your class to give a general overview of the Center and its services, consisting of a PowerPoint presentation and a demonstration of how to make an appointment. 

The ULC also offers various writing-related workshops (see common topics below), all of which can be tailored to fit particular needs.

To schedule a visit and/or a workshop, submit a Workshop Request Form.

Individual ULC orientations for instructors are available, as are sessions/refreshers on how to teach academic writing. To schedule either, please contact Jeannie Kahaney, ULC Director.

Special Faculty Workshop: Designing Effective Research Assignments

Date TBA
Presented by Jeannie Kahaney, Director, University Learning Center, and
Kira Appel, Director, Reference and Instruction, The New School Libraries and Archives

In this workshop, we provide tips and ideas on assigning pre-writing and pre-research activities. We also discuss preventing plagiarism, choosing and evaluating sources wisely, and getting students to start writing.

Common In-Class Workshop Topics

Fundamentals of the Academic Essay
Writers at all levels of skill can benefit from this exploration of the essay, from pre-writing to conclusion. The role of writing as a process, as well as academic writing and its conventions and purpose, forms the basis of the discussion.

How to Develop a Strong Thesis
A solid thesis statement dictates the architecture of an essay. In this workshop, the presenter reviews the characteristics of a strong thesis as well as pitfalls to avoid. The presenter then discusses how creating a well-defined thesis statement helps organize ideas and define perspectives while enhancing a paper’s clarity.

Plagiarism and Citation
This workshop explains what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. The session familiarizes students with the concept of crediting sources and discusses when and how to quote, paraphrase, or summarize sources. The workshop also provides an overview of The Chicago Manual of Style's rules for citations and footnotes. Particular attention is given to the appropriate citation of art, book, film, music, and Internet sources.

Oral Presentations
This workshop helps students develop their oral presentation skills, whether they are confident public speakers or fearful of speaking in front of an audience. The workshop leader demonstrates and discusses techniques for engaging an audience and feeling comfortable and confident in front of even the toughest crowds. This workshop is particularly useful for students who are preparing for a presentation and have a work-in-progress to practice with.

Faculty Handouts  
Guidelines for Instructors (PDF)
Preventing Plagiarism: What Faculty Can Do (PDF)
How You Can Help Us Help Your Students (PDF)
How to Verify Student ULC Attendance (PDF)


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