Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants assist in course delivery and serve as apprentices under the supervision of the instructor for a course. They are selected through an application process coordinated by the Provost’s Office in close consultation with the lead faculty for each course. Students must re-apply each year for teaching assistantship opportunities.

The application process for 2014-2015 is closed.  Information about teaching assistantships for 2015-2016 will be available in March, 2015.

Criteria for Eligibility
Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for appointment by the time of application:
- Must be matriculated full-time (enrolled in courses or maintaining status) in the semester in which they teach
- Must have attained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4
- Must be within the time limit for attaining their degree
- Must not have more than 33 percent of attempted course credits as Incompletes
- Master's students: Must have completed 50 percent of the master's degree program by the end of the spring term in which their application is submitted. Students who have not yet completed 50 percent of their program will be deemed “tentatively eligible” at the time of application, and a final review of eligibility will occur once grades are posted for the semester. Photography and architecture students are eligible to serve as TAs in the second year of their studies.

Additional qualifications may be set by the lead faculty.

Note: There are currently no limits on the number of positions a student can hold during his or her time at The New School, but limits may be placed in the future.

All teaching assistants provide in-class instructional service to students, but specific duties vary by position. All teaching assistants are expected to
- Attend all course meetings
- Participate in the University Pedagogy Seminar and the Introduction to Teaching Workshop for graduate student instructors before or no later than the first semester they work as a teaching assistant
- Complete the Canvas tutorial before the beginning of semester teaching
- Familiarize themselves with Student Services and other academic support so that students can be referred for support or assistance as needed
- Abide by all university academic and personnel policies and guidelines, including completion of the FERPA tutorial

Note: Graduate students are allowed to hold up to two (2) teaching assistantships, one (1) teaching assistantship and one (1) teaching fellowship, or one (1) teaching fellowship in a single semester.

Application Procedure:
1. Review the TA opportunities on the sidebar on this page. Applicants can find details of the tentative opportunities available to them as teaching assistants through two documents:

A spreadsheet (“Teaching Assistantship Opportunities—summary”) listing the following information:


  • Course titles
  • Divisions and departments in which the courses will be taught
  • Faculty members who will teach the courses 
  • Semester in which the courses will be offered


A document (“Teaching Assistantship Opportunities—details”) that also includes the following information:
o Course descriptions
o Biographies of faculty members who will teach the courses

While on the site, applicants may also want to review the document “Useful Information for Applicants” to find out what information should be included in a cover letter and curriculum vitae.

2. Log on to the university’s site to apply: https://careers.newschool.edu.
- Click the “Students” button.
- Select “Teaching Assistantships 2014-2015.”
- Click on “Apply to This Job.”
- Create an account.
- Follow the instructions to complete and submit the application.

Timetable for Application Process:
March 12: University-wide call for applicants is made.

April 1: Deadline for submission of teaching assistantship applications.
Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m.

April 7: Provost’s Office emails ineligible students notification of their status.

May 19: Provost’s Office sends emails notifying selected applicants of their appointments and notifying applicants who were not selected of their status.

Questions? Contact Provost@newschool.edu.


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