Awards for 2014-2015

Sumita Chakravarty, Associate Professor of Media Studies at NSPE. A grant of $6,500 supports “The Online Migration Museum Research Project,” a project to create a dynamic research hub and scholarly database for theoretical inquiry into the processes of global migration.

Iván Ramírez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health, Lang. A grant of $7,216 supports “Developing a Syndemic Approach to Understanding Climate Change and Health Vulnerability in NYC,” which will investigate the relationships between climate change, social justice, and urban health in New York City.

Joseph Heathcott, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, Lang. A grant of $2,987 supports “Three Paris Projects,” which will involve a photography exhibit, a hybrid scholarly-photographic book, and an image-based volume, related to aspects of urbanism in Paris.

Nicolas Langlitz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, NSSR. A grant of $4,700 supports “Japanese Primatology and the Culture Controversy,” a project to examine the controversy in anthropology over nonhuman cultures in primatology, focusing specifically on the Japanese origins of the debate and the current contribution of the Kyoto School. 

Heliodoro San Miguel, Part-Time Assistant Professor, Media Studies, NSPE, and Art and Design History and Theory, Parsons. A grant of $5,800 supports “Agnes Heller in Her Own Words,” which will lead to a feature-length documentary on the life and ideas of Agnes Heller, eminent philosopher and The New School for Social Research’s Professor Emeritus of Philosophy.

Rachel Meltzer, Assistant Professor of Urban Policy, NSPE. A grant of $3,740 supports “Retail Services and Employment Opportunities in Low-Income Neighborhoods,” to study the effects on low-income neighborhoods of retail activity and employment opportunities caused by economic transitions. 

Natalia Mehlman-Petrzela, Assistant Professor of Education Studies and History and Co-chair of Education Studies, Lang. A grant of $5,000 supports “Self Power: The Rise of Wellness Culture in America,” an archive-based project exploring the concept of “wellness” and its complex cultural history in the United States since the 1950s.

Miguel Robles-Duran, Assistant Professor of Urbanism, Parsons, and Gabriela Perez-Rendon, Part-Time Lecturer, School of Design Strategies, Parsons. A grant of $3,000 supports “Hybrid Tenure Model for Affordable Housing,” a research and design project to develop a hybrid tenure model for affordable housing by coalescing the benefits of community land trusts, limited equity cooperative housing, co-housing, and urban homesteading.

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