Faculty Research Fund

What the Fund Supports

The Faculty Research Fund (FRF) provides support for faculty in their work as scholars and creative practitioners. It awards grants for developing or implementing a research project, a professional practice, or a creative project that requires travel, training, or other research-related expenses. Grants are awarded on the basis of available resources each year. Selections are made at the recommendation of a faculty committee representing a range of fields and expertise.

Program Priorities

Highest consideration is given to

  • Projects developed by junior members of the faculty that provide opportunities for research careers (probationary, tenure-track, and EE-track faculty and RTAs in their first or second term at The New School are defined as junior faculty)
  • Projects for which external funding is expected and for which FRF funds can serve as seed money and/or a matching grant

In addition, the FRF encourages

  • Collaborative projects, involving at least two faculty members from different fields, departments, or divisions at The New School
  • Projects that relate to themes or topics identified as university-wide commitments, which include media, the environment, globalization, the urban, and the intersection of design fields with the social sciences

Projects can begin no earlier than July 1 of the grant year and must be completed by the following June 30.

Award Amounts

Award amounts are determined on the basis of the project budget, the number of awards made, and the availability of funds. The maximum award is $10,000.

Funded projects must have clear outcomes/deliverables, and awardees must submit a final outcomes report. Awardees may be asked to present their work at the end of the grant period.


This funding program is open to principal members of the full-time faculty, including those faculty with the following full-time appointments: tenure, tenure track, extended employment, extended employment track, and renewable term appointment. The program is also open to part-time faculty members with post-probationary, annual, multi-year, or grandparented status as defined by the ACT-UAW contract or AFM Local 802 part-time faculty with a minimum of 4 semesters of classroom appointments. Parsons Paris full-time faculty are also eligible. Visiting faculty, faculty in the final year of a fixed-term contract, postdoctoral fellows, and university administrators are ineligible to apply for funding.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Applications to develop or implement a research project, a professional practice, or a creative project that requires travel, training, or other forms of support are eligible for FRF grants. See the full list of previously funded projects to get a sense of those that have received funding.

What kinds of projects are ineligible?

  • Course development, public programs or events, conference attendance, or subventions
  • University center and institute projects that already receive core funding from internal sources
  • Projects that have already received support from this program

In addition, applicants can submit only one application to the FRF annually. For example, applicants cannot submit one application as the primary applicant and another application as a co-applicant.

Application Process

The application form is available in Word and PDF form. A group of finalists are selected after an initial review of applications received. The finalists may be asked for more detailed information about their projects. For applications submitted by teams of faculty, one person must be identified as the principal contact person.

Application Checklist

  • Completed application form
  • Each applicant's CV
  • References (at least one reference must be submitted with your application)


  • Application deadline: February 2, 2015
  • Awards announced: late May 2015
  • Earliest start date for funded projects: July 1, 2015
  • Completion date for funded projects: June 30, 2016

Previously Funded FRF Projects


Contact Bernardica Sculac Stern at sculacsb@newschool.edu or 212.229.8947 x2382.

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