Mentoring Grants

The Mentoring Fund finances projects designed by individual faculty members or teams of faculty to enhance their mentoring support. Principal full-time faculty members (in the categories of tenure, extended employment, or renewable term appointments) can apply for team or individual mentoring grants. A committee made up of full-time faculty members from the university’s divisions at different stages in their careers will review applications and select the projects to be funded. Award amounts are determined on the basis of the project budget and the total number of awards made. The maximum award for a mini-grant is $1,200 and for a team grant is $5,000.

Types of Grants


Mini-grants (of up to $1,200) are awarded to principal full-time faculty members for projects that expand their mentoring support in areas such as teaching, research, tenure, and work-life balance. Groups of up to three individuals—the full-time faculty member and up to two on- or off-campus mentoring partners—can apply for mini-grants. Funds can be used for expenses related to traveling to visit a new mentoring partner, exploring new research or teaching methods with a mentor, or presenting research with a mentor. Grants can be given as honoraria to mentoring partners who come to The New School for presentations. See examples of projects supported by mini-grants here.

Team Grants

Team grants (of up to $5,000) provide support for departmental, college-level, and interdisciplinary mentoring projects involving teams of four or more faculty members. Team grants address a need for mentoring support shared by a group of faculty members. Topics addressed by team grant applicants might include orientation to the university and its culture, research and teaching skills, collegiality and community building, promotions, and work-life balance. It is strongly recommended that team grants include a component in which faculty connect with senior scholars within and outside of The New School.  See examples of projects supported by team grants here.

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