Alphabetical Directory of Information for Faculty

This directory provides links to New School policies, guidelines, and resources for faculty. If you can't find the information you need, please email We continually update this page to make it as useful as possible, and we welcome all feedback.

Academic Calendar

Academic Events Fund

Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy
See Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy (PDF)

Academic Technology

Appointment Types and Tracks
See Faculty Handbook (PDF) 

Art Collection

Assessment of Student Learning


Civic Engagement


Course Catalog

Course Design

Course Ratings

Dental Benefits


Distinguished Teaching Awards

Dossier Preparation Guidelines

Faculty Research Fund

Faculty Experts


Free Exchange of Ideas Policy

Freedom of Artistic Expression Policy

Funding Opportunities


Health Benefits

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Institutional Review Board

Leaves Without Pay
See Full-Time Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Leaves: Academic (Sabbatical)
See Full-Time Faculty Handbook (PDF)


Life Insurance

Medical Benefits

Mutual Mentoring Grants Program

Online Learning


Promotion Reviews: Timeline

Promotion Reviews: Dossier Guidelines

Rank Review Procedures
Procedures for Faculty Rank Review are located on the Faculty Channel of


Research Clusters

Research – Institutional Review Board

Research Support

See Full-Time Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Sexual Harassment Policy

Shared Capacities

Social Innovation

Social Justice

Student Success Network


Syllabus Guidelines

Teaching Awards

Teaching Resources

Technology Tutorials and Training for Faculty

Tuition Benefits

Tutoring Services

University Center (FAQ for Faculty)

Connect with the New School