Awards for 2011-2012

Tamara Albu, Associate Professor of Fashion Design, Parsons, Luciana Scrutchen, AAS in Fashion Design, Parsons, and David Goldsmith, AAS in Fashion Marketing, Parsons. A grant of $6,800 will support “Weighing Dyeing: Natural Versus Synthetic Color in Fashion Textiles,” a day-long symposium that will bring together experts to discuss the economic, environmental and socially sustainable improvements in the design of fashion and textile industries.

Deirdre Boyle, Associate Professor of Media Studies and Director of Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies, New School for Public Engagement. A grant of $3,400 will support "Visible Evidence 18, Plenary Session: '(In)visible Evidence of War'," an annual international conference for documentary scholars, practitioners and curators that will be held for the first time in New York City.

John Clinton, Director and Associate Professor of Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management, NSPE. A grant of $2,000 will support “Sustainable Cities: A Decade of Solar Decathlon Lessons,” a conference convening participants (faculty and students) from Solar Decathlon competitions over the past ten years to exchange lessons about sustainability and advancing a university-wide emphasis on cities’ responses to climate change.

Kate Eichhorn, Assistant Professor of Culture and Media Studies, Lang. A grant of $3000 will support "Universities, Prisons and Civic Engagement: Making Connections Between Rhetoric and Reality," a focused conversation bringing the New School community into dialogue about the complex relationship between higher education institutions and prisons.

Victoria Hattam, Professor of Politics, NSSR, and Victoria Marshall, Assistant Professor of Urban Design, Parsons. A grant of $2,750 will support “Industrial Creeks,” a day-long interdisciplinary workshop on exploring the history and future of New York urban waterways.

Aseem Inam, Associate Professor of Urbanism, Parsons. A grant of $7,190 will support "Making Cities," a day-long symposium that will bring together New School faculty and students, scholars and practitioners from the New York City region, and leading scholars from California to discuss the making of cities.

Arien Mack, Director of Center for Public Scholarship, Professor of Psychology, NSSR, Michael Cohen, Director of International Affairs, NSPE, and Robert Polito, Director of Writing Programs, NSPE. A grant of $2,000 will support “Egypt in Transition: A Social Research Conference,” a conference based on a special issue of Social Research titled “Egypt in Transition.” Writers and scholars will be invited to address a range of issues including human rights, governance, gender issues, civil society, and religion since the recent events that occurred in Tahrir Square.

Michael Pettinger, Assistant Professor of Literature and Religious Studies, Lang and Mark Larrimore, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Lang. A grant of $7,000 will support “Queer Christianities,” a two-day conference on the ongoing redefinition of gender and sexuality within the Christian traditions.

Ivan Raykoff, Associate Professor of the Arts, Lang, and Diane Moser, Part-Time Faculty, Jazz, and Madeleine Shapiro, Part-Time Faculty, Mannes. A grant of $3000 will support "John Cage 2012 @ The New School," a semester long series of courses, presentations, exhibitions, and collaborative performances to celebrate the centennial year of the composer's birth, 50 years since his New School classes, and the 25th anniversary of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Heliodoro San Miguel, Part-Time Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Parsons. A grant of $3,900 will support "Spain's Film Masters: Beyond Bunuel and Almodovar," a film series showcasing four of the most important Spanish filmmakers from 1955-1975.

Radhika Subramaniam, Director/Chief Curator of the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Assistant Professor of Art and Design History and Theory, Parsons. A grant of $2,000 will support “Public Program Events associated with U-n-f-o-l-d: A Cultural Response to Climate Change,” a range of public programs, talks, brown bag sessions, performances, and workshops encouraging dialogue among faculty and students on climate change.

Cameron Tonkinwise, Associate Professor of Design & Sustainability, Parsons, and Emanuele Castano, Associate Professor of Psychology, The New School for Social Research. A grant of $7,000 will support "Sharing: From Empathy to Economies," a symposium critically investigating the recent promotions of sharing systems from the perspectives of anthropology, design, economics, and psychology.

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