Committee Service

Many individuals across the university contribute to academic planning, governance, and initiatives through service on committees, task forces, and councils. Below is a list of the university committees and their membership.

Faculty Affairs and Policy Committees

Faculty Affairs Committee [+]

The Faculty Affairs Committee includes representatives from the schools and the Provost's Office. It reviews, recommends, and develops policy, guidelines, and proposals that address issues such as workload, evaluation and review, and support. 

2014-2015 membership

Bryna Sanger, Deputy Provost, Chair

Elaine Abelson, Lang and NSSR
Carolyn Berman, NSPE
Jay Bernstein, NSSR
Clive Dilnot, UPRC chair, Parsons
Bill Gustafson, Mannes
David Lewis, Parsons
Eleni Litt, Provost's Office
Jim Miller, NSSR, Provost's Office
Rosemary O'Neill, UTRC Chair, Parsons
Dominic Pettman, Lang
Lisa Servon, NSPE

With support from:
Marcine Miller, Provost's Office

Faculty Task Force on Divisional Supplements [+]

The Faculty Task Force on Divisional Supplements includes representatives from the schools and the Provost's Office. It reviews and defines shared and independent school practices for faculty governances and insures that all of the school supplements are in compliance with the Full-Time Faculty Handbook. 

2014-2015 membership

Jim Miller, NSSR, Chair

David Brody, Parsons
Stefania DeKenessey, Lang
James Dodd, NSSR
Simone Douglas, Parsons
Oz Frankel, Lang and NSSR
Lily Ling, NSPE
Eleni Litt, Provost's Office
Claire Potter, NSPE
Keila Tennent, General Counsel

With support from:
Marcine Miller, Provost's Office

Lyterati Advisory Council (LAC) [+]

The Lyterati Advisory Council includes a mix of senior university administrators, school faculty affairs people, and senior faculty representatives. The purpose of the advisory council is to ensure and address all policy issues regarding the adoption of the software and data, including, but not limited to, confidentiality and data security, as well as how faculty data and faculty activity reports are used or could be used in the future.

2014-2015 membership

Bryna Sanger, Deputy Provost, Chair

Elaine Abelson, Lang and NSSR
Ray Barclay, Provost's Office
Pat Baxter, Provost's Office
Deborah Bogosian, President's Office
Nadine Bourgeois, Parsons
Kathleen Breidenbach, NSPE
James Dodd, NSSR
Julia Foulkes, NSPE
Oz Frankel, Lang and NSSR
Robert Kirkbride, Parsons
Irwin Kroot, HR
Lily Ling, NSPE
Eleni Litt, Provost's Office
Paula Maas, Provost's Office
Jim Miller, NSSR
Anand Padmanabhan, IT
Martha Taimuty, Data Warehouse
Lucille Tenazas, Parsons
Sven Travis, Parsons

With support from:
Marcine Miller, Provost's Office

Lyterati Project Team (LPT) [+]

The Lyterati Project Team will manage the implementation and ongoing administration and use of the Lyterati software, which will be used for creating annual faculty activity reports.

2014-2015 membership

Eleni Litt, Provost's Office, Co-Chair
Marcus Longmuir, IT, Co-Chair
Ray Barclay, Provost's Office
Soo Chon, Parsons
Jaclyn Clark, Provost's Office
Laura Copland, Lang
Ellen Freeberg, NSSR
Bill Gustafson, Mannes
Martin Hundley, Jazz
Ilona Kaim, Provost's Office
Shawn Ojiba, HR
Cecilia Ponte, NSPE


University Promotion Review Committee (UPRC) [+]

The UPRC provides procedural oversight for tenure, extended employment, and postprobationary reviews, to ensure that college and university policies and procedures align with the Full-Time Faculty Handbook, AAUP guidelines, and best practices.

2014-2015 membership

Clive Dilnot, Parsons, Chair

Elaine Abelson, Lang and NSSR
Alice Crary, NSSR
Mark Frazier, NSSR
Jamer Hunt, Parsons
Noah Isenberg, Lang
Nina Khrushcheva, NSPE
Sara Lawrence, Parsons
Alex Schwartz, NSPE

With support from:
Jackie Clark, Provost's Office
Eleni Litt, Provost's Office

University Term Review Committee (UTRC) [+]

The UTRC provides procedural oversight for term reviews (just as the UPRC does for tenure, EE, and postprobationary reviews).

2014-2015 membership

Rosemary O'Neill, Parsons, Chair

Margot Bouman, Parsons
Colette Brooks, Lang
Patricia Carlin, NSPE
Julia Gorton, Parsons
Darrick Hamilton, NSPE
Vladan Nikolic, NSPE
Rose Rejouis, Lang
Nidhi Srinivas, NSPE
McWelling Todman, NSSR 

With support from:
Jackie Clark, Provost's Office
Eleni Litt, Provost's Office

Research Committees

Institutional Review Board (IRB) [+]

The Institutional Review Board is in place to ensure that all research involving human subjects is conducted in an ethical manner, particularly with regard to the informed consent, health, and welfare of human participants. 
Link to Institutional Review Board

Research Council [+]

The Research Council was formed to help advance, coordinate, and support research as a university-wide priority.
Link to Research Support

2014-2015 membership

Michael Schober, NSSR, Chair

Marie-Noel Appel, Development
Laura Auricchio, NSPE
Roy Bourne, Finance
Mark Gibbel, Development
Robert Gutierrez, Provost's Office
Bill Hirst, NSSR
Elizabeth Kendall, Lang
Marcel Kinsbourne, NSSR
Robert Kostrzewa, NSSR
Irwin Kroot, HR
Colleen Macklin, Parsons
Shannon Mattern, NSPE
Brian McGrath, Parsons
Anand Padmanabhan, IT
Lynne Rogers, Mannes
Susan Sawyer, General Counsel
Eduardo Staszowski, Parsons
Miriam Ticktin, NSSR

Student Services and Support Committees

Advisor Forum [+]

This group includes administrators and faculty whose primary responsibilities relate to advising. Members meet regularly to discuss policy, practices, issues, opportunities, and potential improvements to advising services university-wide. (Members are administrators except where noted.) 

2014-2015 membership

Antoinette Curl, Student Success Advising, Chair

Audrey Axinn, Mannes
Jaime Babic, Registrar
Laura Cronk, NSPE
Martin Hundley, Jazz 
Andrea Rodriguez, NSPE
Maggie Koozer, Mannes
Van Lee, NSPE
Carrie Neal, Drama
Lesley Painter-Farrell, NSPE 
Juli Parker, Parsons
Chrissy Roden, NSPE Continuing Education
Angela Sanko, Lang
Lauretha Slaughter, NSPE 
Lori Lynn Turner, NSPE
Jon White
Tara White, Registrar
Tracyann Williams, NSPE
Kyle Wilson, Jazz
Tsuya Yee, NSSR

Shared Capacities Subcommittee [+]

2014-2015 membership

Adrienne Marcus, Provost's Office (Curriculum and Learning), Chair

Mariah Doren, Parsons
Erica Fae, Drama
Richard Harper, Jazz
Rachel Heiman, NSPE
Maggie Koozer, Mannes
Bhawani Venkataraman, Lang 

Student Disciplinary Review Panel [+]

Under the aegis of the Office of Student Affairs, the Disciplinary Review Panel adjudicates violations of the Code of Conduct. The panel includes a faculty representative designated by the University Faculty Senate, a student representative designated by the University Student Senate, a representative designated by the senior vice president for Student Services, and two representatives (at least one of whom is a faculty member) designated by the provost. The panel makes recommendations on cases to the senior vice president for Student Services and the dean(s) of the school(s) in which the student is enrolled.

University Electronic Learning Portfolio Working Group [+]

2014-2015 membership

Adrienne Marcus, Provost's Office (Curriculum and Learning), Chair

Kelly Ahn, Student Success
Kathleen Breidenbach, NSPE
Antoinette Curl, Student Success
Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, NSPE
Heather Fomin, Admission
Geoffry Gertz, Parsons
Martin Hundley, Jazz
Maura Jurgrau, Parsons
Jeannie Kahaney, University Learning Center
Tanya Kalmanovitch, Mannes
Cynthia Lawson, Provost's Office
Dale McDonald, NSPE
Jane McNamara, Lang
Carrie Neal, Drama
Jim O'Connor, Provost's Office
Lesley Painter-Farrell, NSPE
Tim Quigley, NSPE
John Roach, Parsons
Eddie Shiomi, Provost's Office
Chris Stover, Jazz
Urmila Venkatesh, NSSR
Jennifer Wilson, Lang
Tsuya Yee, NSSR

Program and Curriculum Committees

Assessment of Student Learning Committee [+]

This committee meets monthly to develop and manage a student learning assessment process across the university. The group reviews research on national trends and best practices, makes recommendations to the provost, and brings relevant information to and from the schools.

2013-2014 membership

Carolyn Comiskey, Provost's Office (Curriculum and Learning), Co-chair

Christopher London, faculty, NSPE
Gina Walker, faculty, NSPE
Caitlin Morgan, faculty/staff, NSPE
Kathleen Breidenbach, staff, NSPE
Ellen Freeberg, staff, NSSR
Urmila Venkatesh, staff, Lang
Val Vinokur, faculty, Lang
Stacy Seiler, faculty, Parsons
Jeanine Oleson, faculty, Parsons
Carrie Neal, staff, Drama
Pam Sabrin, staff, Jazz
Mya Starling, staff, Provost's Office
Desirae Colvin, staff, Parsons

University Curriculum Committee [+] 

2014-2015 membership

Lisa DeBenedittis, Provost's Office (Curriculum and Learning), Chair

Kira Appel, Libraries
Kathleen Breidenbach, NSPE
Mariah Doren, Parsons
Gail Drakes, Provost's Office
Ellen Freeberg, NSSR
Martin Hundley, Jazz
Jeannie Kahaney, Provost's Office
Michele Kahaney, NSPE
Maggie Koozer, Mannes
Cynthia Lawson, Provost's Office Global
Adrienne Marcus, Provost's Office
Carrie Neal, Drama
James O'Connor, New School Online
Ivan Raykoff, Lang
Joseph Salvatore, NSPE
Gary Vena, Drama
Urmila Venkatesh, Lang


Resources Planning Committees

University Facilities Committee [+]

The University Facilities Committee meets regularly to ensure that there is broad information sharing and input on facilities planning and major projects, especially the University Center. 

2014-2015 membership

Marla Appelbaum, Assistant VP, Design, Construction, and Facilities Management
Laura Auricchio, Associate Dean, NSPE
Anne Balsamo, Dean, School of Media Studies
Pat Baxter, Vice Provost, Academic Planning
Sam Biederman, Associate Director, CEA
Nadine Bourgeois, Dean, Parsons
Kathleen Breidenbach, Vice Dean, NSPE
Stephanie Browner, Dean, Lang
Larry Fillian, University Registrar, Enrollment Management
Lia Gartner, VP, Design, Construction, and Facilities Management
Paul Goldberger, Professor, Parsons
Michael Joy, Director of Campus Planning, Design, Construction, and Facilities Management
Ed Keller, Associate Professor, Parsons
Robert Kirkbride, Associate Professor, Parsons
Tim Marshall, Provost
William Milberg, Dean, NSSR
Joan Morgan, Senior Associate University Registrar, Enrollment Management
Roy Moskowitz, VP, General Counsel
Anand Padmanabhan, IT
Pippin Parker, Director, Drama
Linda Reimer, Senior VP, Student Services
Lillian Sartori, Assistant VP, IT
Ed Scarcelle, Director, University Libraries
Joel Towers, Executive Dean, Parsons
Ed Verdi, Senior Director, Finance and Business
Jamara Wakefield, Student Senate Representative
Mary Watson, Executive Dean, NSPE

Special Topics and Initiatives Committees

Social Justice Committee [+]

The university Social Justice Committee meets monthly to share information, explore models and best practices, and recommend strategies to promote a more diverse, welcoming, and socially just community.
Link to Social Justice

Awards and Honors Committees

Distinguished University Teaching Awards Committee [+]

This committee is convened in the spring to review nominations for the Distinguished University Teaching Awards and recommend awardees to the provost.
Link to Distinguished University Teaching Awards

2014-2015 membership

Susan Cameron, Drama
Joan Miller, NSSR
Ka Mok, Parsons, University Student Senate
Peter Wheelwright, Parsons

Honorary Degree Committee [+]

This committee meets in the fall semester and early in the spring to propose, review, and recommend candidates to receive honorary degrees at Commencement.
Link to Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degree Committee membership for Commencement 2015 [+]

Jay Bernstein, NSSR
Sam Biederman, Marketing and Communication
Emanuele Castano, NSSR
Alexandra Chasin, Lang
Alexandra Delano, Lang
Fiona Dieffenbacher, Parsons
Julia Foulkes, NSPE
Mark Gibbel, Development and Alumni Affairs
Tanya Kalmanovitch, Mannes
Nancy Lublin, Trustee
Jill Morris, Drama
Tim Porter, Trustee
Michael Schober, NSSR, Provost's Office

With support from

Marcine Miller, Provost's Office

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