Nicholas Allanach, Director of Academic Operations, The New School for Public Engagement

Nicholas Allanach is Director of Academic Operations at The New School for Public Engagement.

I grew up in Maine, attended the Milton Hershey School (for underserved youth in Pennsylvania), and completed my BA in English at the University of Southern Maine, Portland. I then moved to New York City in 2003 to earn a MA in Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research in 2006 and then a Certificate in Teaching English at the New School for Public Engagement in 2010.

My work in social justice focuses on issues relating to economic inequality, race, LGBTQ rights, American politics, immigration, history, and art. I’m intrigued by the way we use language and codes to define, liberate, and understand this world, history, and our selves. I’m equally fascinated and inspired by the way we engage politically, psychologically and socially to celebrate, challenge, and reimagine our world. I believe we must be free to pursue happiness, live life to its fullest, and ultimately achieve our dreams. We should be free to think, speak, and experience this moment honestly and without fear of oppression, intolerance, or exploitation.

I work for the New School because it is a place that is guided by academic freedom, creativity, and democracy. Indeed, how can we make the world a better and more just place? I want to help ensure our university remains committed to its ideals of social justice. And as a student -who benefitted from the philanthropy and charity of others- I also seek to define ways we can resist the surmounting corporatization of higher education to instead become more accessible, supportive, and accountable to our students, communities, and future.

Twitter: @NAllanach

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