Drew Goldsmith, Degree Candidate, The New School for Public Engagement

Drew Goldsmith, Student, The New School for Public Engagement. Imagine what The New School would be like if most all the students and faculty were deaf. Those students and faculty who weren’t deaf would be severely disadvantaged. Imagine what New School would be like if the majority of students and faculty rarely made eye contact; the minority who did make eye contact would be considered invasive and rude. What if everyone at New School used a wheelchair? The campus would save thousands of dollars not having to outfit every building with chairs, and every multi-story building would have an elevator. If almost everyone was blind, the campus would save thousands in light bills. My point in raising these imaginary scenarios is to illustrate that persons with disabilities, such as myself, are a minority – at New School and most everywhere else. Like other minorities we face barriers, prejudice, and misunderstanding. As a media studies student, my goal is to reduce those barriers, attenuate the prejudice, and clarify the misunderstanding. Email: goldd212@newschool.edu

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