Chris Crews, PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and NSSR Senator for the University Student Senate (USS)

Chris Crews is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and current student Co-chair. My dissertation is focused on the intersection of ecology, politics and spirituality and explores models for how we might rethink personal responsibility and alternative ways of being in the world inspired by animism and indigenous communities. My commitment and organizing for a more just world flows from this belief that another world is possible, and my academic and personal energy focus on making this idea into a lived reality. Some of my past experiences include working as a community organizer, coordinating student activism around globalization and fair trade, and teaching middle school and college students in rural Appalachia. I think the struggle for equal recognition of all living beings is one of the greatest challenges we face today. Modern industrial civilization rests upon and requires massive global exploitation and inequality in order to function, and any serious challenge to this way of life requires great sacrifices from those committed to seeing a different future. Whether here in the five boroughs of NY or in a forgotten corner of the world, our struggles and our freedom are linked. As one of my heroes says: Dismantle Globally, Renew Locally. If you're a student and have questions about social justice, let me know. E-mail:  or Web:

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