Activate!, a project developed by Parsons’ PETLab  (Protoyping Evaluation, Teaching and Learning Lab) challenges students to create digital video games about social and environmental issues. The process of creating these games helps students develop skills in both STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) and in critical thinking, problem solving, and design.

Impact In 2011, with support from AMD Foundation’s Changing the Game initiative and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, the PETLab team traveled to Abu Dhabi and introduced Activate! to approximately 80 school teachers and high school students.

In summer 2010, the Activate! model was the basis of four one-week workshops on programming and game design at China's first and only registered private nonprofit middle school. New School students collaborated with faculty to teach game design that addressed social issues. The team continues to develop this project in the United States and China by engaging youth in workshops that focus on the design of video games about the environment and sustainability. 

Learn more about this project at Activate! and PETLab.

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