I Have a Dream Program

Over the years, Eugene Lang College has developed an in-depth partnership with the I Have A Dream (IHAD) Foundation, which has become a model for the college’s collaborative approach to civic engagement opportunities. Lang students serve as mentors and interns, using activities such as playwriting, theatrical performance, and after-school tutoring to help IHAD participants develop skills and build the confidence they need to excel academically and to pursue their future educational and professional goals.


Through activities such as dramatic writing and theater performance, Lang students help the “Dreamers,” as IHAD participants are known, develop new skills and talents that build confidence and enable them to excel academically. IHAD has played a critical role in encouraging Dreamers, who come from challenging social and economic backgrounds, to envision themselves in professional careers in the future. Research has shown that students who participate in the IHAD program are twice as likely to graduate from high school and enter college than nonparticipants their same age. In this program, teaching and learning are reciprocal. Lang students contribute to the educational and creative development of IHAD participants; Dreamers benefit from the Lang students’ commitment to helping them acquire new skills.  

Learn more about this project at I Have a Dream.

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