Our Commitment to Service

    Service is a value across our campus. Whether you are a visitor or a prospective student, a current student or an alumnus, or a member of the faculty or staff, we want your experience with the offices and services of The New School to be characterized by

  • Prompt and helpful communications
  • Clear and efficient processes
  • Positive and supportive responses

Your Feedback Is Important

If you have a recent or ongoing interaction with The New School, help us understand what we are doing well—and where we need to improve. 

Kudos: Let us know when an office and/or individual staff member has performed exceptionally well to make your your interaction easier, more efficient, more helpful.

Challenges: Let us know when an experience did not meet your expectations for good service.

Suggestion: Share your ideas to improve services at The New School.

Your feedback will be read by President Van Zandt and shared with staff members who can follow up. In some cases, we may contact you for more information but we will always respect your anonymity if you prefer.

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