• This page outlines requirements for the concentration in Visual Studies (BA, The Arts). Students can also study this subject as a minor or as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). Arts majors can also choose the Arts in Context concentration, in which they study visual studies along with a liberal arts discipline.


    The Visual Studies concentration offers a distinctive approach to the study of the history and theory of art as well as the broader field of visual culture. Most Visual Studies courses are suitable for students at any level of training and experience in the visual arts; any prerequisites are noted in the course descriptions.

    Requirements Worksheet

    Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the director of the program. Students pursuing the Visual Studies concentration are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for The Arts to track their progress. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill concentration requirements.

    Requirements for the Concentration in Visual Studies (BA, The Arts)

    The Visual Studies concentration within the Arts major requires the following courses:

    • An approved aesthetics course such as ULEC 2320: Aesthetics; ULEC 2730: Power and Visuality; LINA 2001: Ideas and Practices Across the Arts; or LINA
    • 2002: Aesthetics Across the Arts
    • LVIS 2001 Intro to art History and Visual Studies
    • LVIS 2010 Exhibitions as History
    • LVIS 3001: Methods of Art History and Visual Studies
    • LVIS 3250 Practicing Curating or another approved curatorial course
    • Two (2) studio or practice-ased visual studies courses
    • Two (2) additional courses in visual studies or art history
    • Three (3) Lang Interarts (LINA) courses of 3 or 4 credits each
    • Senior Capstone, either one of the Arts senior seminars or an individual or collaborative independent project

    Total credits: 45-52