The Skybridge Art and Sound Space presents Engaging India: Portraits of Public Life
In the Summer of 2008, a small group of Eugene Lang students traveled to Bangalore as members of a Media and Culture Studies program, A Changing India: History, Culture, Media;, with the twin foci of learning about the history of modern India through its mass media and other cultural artifacts, as well as using the city of Bangalore as a microcosm of such changes. A valuable aspect of this experience was the involvement of Indian media scholars and social scientists who taught classes and interacted with the students. But the biggest educator was the city itself, the sheer complexity of which became for the group both a challenge and an opportunity. From negotiating the chaos of city traffic on foot, to haggling with some opportunistic autorickshaw drivers, to fending off aggressive beggars who, like Oliver Twist, always wanted more, to speaking with local undergraduates on their home turf - India overwhelmed most and underwhelmed none. Students documented themselves in these unfamiliar surroundings, ceaselessly amazed at how nothing was as they had imagined it. But out of this turmoil came a knowledge of themselves, and an incipient understanding of the other.
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